The 4E Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) and the Danish Technological Institute held a series of six webinars on www.leonardo-energy.org. Click on the links below to watch them.






8 October 2015

Electric Motor Systems: targeting and implementing efficiency improvements


Maarten van Werkhoven

EMSA / TPA advisers

15 October 2015

Optimization of Motor Systems: the Motor Systems Tool

Sandie B. Nielsen

EMSA / Danish Technological Institute


22 October 2015

Electric Motor Systems: the Motor Policy Toolkit


Konstantin Kulterer

EMSA / Austrian Energy Agency

26 November 2015  

Optimization of Cooling Systems: compressors and other power consumers


Svenn Hansen

Danish Technological Institute

17 December 2015

Pumps & circulators: ecodesign and optimization of pump systems


Sandie B. Nielsen

Danish Technological Institute

10 February 2016

Fans: ecodesign and optimization of fan systems


Morten Sandholm Madsen

Danish Technological Institute

19 May 2016

Energy efficient electric motor systems: learning from Indonesia

Lachlan Cameron
Jeffrey Sipma
Maarten van Werkhoven

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) / TPA advisers


All webinars last approximately one hour.


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