Purchasers, suppliers and regulators need to be confident that electric motors offered for sale on the global market meet claimed energy efficiency performance. The introduction of tougher mandatory minimum energy efficiency levels for motors has led to a renewed focus on testing for compliance. Effective motor testing depends on both manufacturers and independent test centres undertaking tests as consistently as possible.


EMSA aims to raise the quality of testing of motors worldwide by facilitating collaboration between a selection of test laboratories. The focus is on sharing best practice in the use of the IEC 60034-2-1 test method standard and developing conventions for issues with particular procedures. 

testing a motor

CalTest, Australia


Testing workshops

Date Location Side event of Document
13 Nov 2018 Zurich, Switzerland Motor Summit 2018 Agenda
30 Oct 2013  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil EEMODS'13 Outcomes
4 Dec 2012 Zurich, Switzerland Motor Summit 2012  Agenda
12 Sep 2011  Alexandria VA, Austria  EEMODS'11 Minutes
26 Oct 2010 Zurich, Switzerland Motor Summit 2010 Minutes
17 Sep 2009 Nantes, France EEMODS'09 Minutes


Report phase 1 Global Round Robin test program for converter losses

March 2019


Project brief Round Robin test program for converter losses

November 2019

 Testing newsletter

Testing newsletter

October 2013

 draft test standard

New measurement method for motor-drive systems and new technology motors

July 2013

Guide to IEC 60034-2-1

EMSA Guide to IEC 60034-2-1

Version 1.1 May 2011



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