Task E - Training & Capacity Building

In order to enhance the widespread use of energy efficient motor systems in industry worldwide, which is the goal of EMSA, well-trained professionals in industry, government and research are needed. To support an energy-efficiency-oriented education of engineers, EMSA Task E will produce an "off-the-shelf" training course, to be made available for download at this site.


The training course is a whole package of dissemination and training material, consisting of:


  • A description of the "new motor world" (Ecodesign regulation, testing and classification standards, laboratories, system design and optimization, retrofit, etc.).
  • PowerPoint presentations for download, manuals, proposals for daily training programs, ideas for practical pilot trainings, and so on.


The training course will be tested in 2-3 EMSA countries, starting in 2011.



More information concerning Task E is in preparation and will be published soon on this site.


Rob De Klerck,

Task E contact information

Task leader - Denmark

Danish Technological Institue


Danish Energy Agency


Task participant - Austria

Austrian Energy Agency


Task participant - Netherlands

Agentschap NL


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