Task B - Technical Guide for Motor Systems

The energy efficient electric motor and drive system is a complex interaction of various components. The improvement of existing old and inefficient systems as well as the optimization of new systems is the major concern of EMSA.


In order to make motor system optimization for engineers in industry easier we will here present the EMSA Technical Guide for Motor Systems that includes all relevant topics of motor systems from the design stage to industrial operation.

The Technical Guide for Motor Systems is an online guide, continuously developed and improved over time.


The guide will consist of the following sections:


  • Description and interpretation of motor test standards
  • Global regulation and MEPS in different markets
    (MEPS - minimum energy performance standard)
  • Choice of adequate motor size and type, control system, transmission and best primary machinery
    (fan, compressor, pump, handling & processing)



More information concerning Task B is in preparation and will be published soon on this site.

Task B contact information

Task leader - Denmark

Danish Technological Institute


Danish Energy Agency


Task participant - Austria

Austrian Energy Agency


Task participant - Switzerland

A+B International


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