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4E EMSA Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units

4E EMSA: Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units - Part 2 (2018)

This report presents recommendations for policy makers and standards developers for an increased alignment of standards and regulations for pumps, fans and compressors. It is part of a major study by 4E EMSA and focuses the regions China, EU and USA.

 EMSA Energy Audit Guide

EMSA: Energy Audit Guide for Motor Driven Systems (2018)

This Guide gives a systematic and comprehensive overview including organisational and technical tasks to be performed during a motor system audit, along the stages of an energy audit according to ISO 50002. It aims to help energy auditors, energy consultants, energy managers, and engineers to identify and calculate the most important energy-saving potentials in motor driven systems, considering all relevant standards and tools.

U4E Report

U4E: Accelerating the Global Adoption of Energy-Efficient Electric Motors and Motor Systems (2017)

The report guides policy makers on how to promote energy-efficient motors and motor systems in their national markets, with a special focus on developing countries.


4E EMSA: Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units - Part 1 (2016)

This report describes existing standards and national regulations for pumps, fans and compressors. It is part of a major study by 4E EMSA on options for increasing the international alignment of standards and regulations for Motor Driven Units (MDUs).

4E: Energy efficiency roadmap for electric motors and motor systems (2015)

This report assesses current status and trends in the market, standards and the policy environment for energy efficient electric motors and variable frequency drives, outlining a roadmap for policy makers.

SEAD: Evaluation of Internationally Comparable Compliance, Certification, and Enforcement Requirements for Electric Motors (2015)

The report explains the steps of designing an effective motor compliance regime and compares Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and compliance, certification and enforcement requirements in different countries and regions.

Policy Guidelines



EMSA: Policy Guidelines for Electric Motor Systems (2014)

The Guidelines offer a Motor Policy Toolkit with proposed policy measures, EMSA's recommendations for successful policy implementation and show best practice policy examples from all over the world to reach market transformation for efficient electric motor systems.


Watch webinar (2015) 

Watch the webinar explaining the main elements of the Motor Policy Toolkit and its application to one country.

Energy Management Programmes

IIP-IEA: Energy Management Programmes for Industry (2012)

This Policy Pathway provides guidance to policy makers on how to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate energy management programmes.

Motor Policy Guide

EMSA: Motor Policy Guide (2011)

The guide is comprised of an overview of existing motor systems policies in Australia, China, Europe and the USA and of recommendations for optimal policy design.


EMSA is working on Part 2: Road map to a comprehensive motor systems policy.

Energy-Efficiency Policy Opportunities

IEA: Energy-Efficiency Policy Opportunities for Electric Motor-Driven Systems (2011)

The energy consumption of motor systems could be reduced by 20 – 30% by 2030 with appropriate policies, which would reduce global electricity demand by 10%. The report is a first global overview on motor efficiency potentials.

Walking the Torque

IEA: Walking the Torque (2011)

The report proposes a global work plan for energy-efficiency policy opportunities for electric motor systems.

Motor MEPS Guide

EMSA: Motor MEPS Guide (2009)

The guide informs on new standards for electric motors that will facilitate the trade of highly efficient motors around the globe.


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