The Motor Systems Tool

The Motor Systems Tool is a newly developed calculation tool intended for engineers, machine builders, energy consultants and others interested in motor systems optimization.

It consists of a full motor system from power supply to application. From one known duty point all
partials are calculated as well as the total system efficiency. Any change in speed, load or components is calculated dynamically and results are presented instantly.

The Motor Systems Tool is developed continuously. The latest version can be downloaded here:

MST-Tool main page

Motor Systems Tool - version 2.16.01
(January 2016)

The Motor Systems Tool is free of charge but we kindly ask you to register before download.

See full development history.


Watch webinar / Download webinar slides

(Oct 2015)

Watch the webinar on how to use the Motor Systems Tool.

MST-Tool Quickguide  

Motor Systems Tool Quickguide

(2011 - pdf)

An update will be available soon.
A short guide on how to use the Motor Systems Tool.

Example fan system  

Motor Systems Tool calculation example for a fan system (May 2014 - pdf)


An example of how to use the Motor Systems Tool for optimizing a fan system.

Exercise fan installation




Exercise for a fan installation  / Solution to exercise

(May 2014 - pdf)


Calculate annual power consumption and possible savings in situations A and B of this exercise.

The Motor Systems Tool is developed on a LabVIEW platform and runs on Microsoft Windows.

For more information contact:


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