Motor Systems Tool development history







June 2019


HTML-report create/save possibility now available

Ecodesign evaluation tool implemented for pumps & fans

Save/load system setup updated to include application calculator

Updated the hydraulic application calculator



January 2019



Update of expiry date: 01.01.2021


October 2017


Minor corrections and picture updates. Expiry date visible on start page.

Calculation error when going from Drive to D.O.L. corrected.


Current expiry date: 01.01.2019



September 2017

  - New loss models from current IEC Standard 61800-9-2:2017 - Fully automated versions of:
  • Annex A: Losses from the defined Reference Power Drive System (A3 - RPDS)
  • Annex D: Standardized IE2 motors with added converter losses

- New loss model for standardized Converter Drive Module (CDM), in cooperation with Aalborg University
- New loss models for: Permanent Magnet motors, Synchronous Reluctance Motors, in cooperation with University of Gent
- New loss models for: Helical Gears, Helical-Bevel Gears & Helical-Worm Gears, in cooperation with University of Gent
- Updated & expanded scope for existing model for asynchronous motors + CDM:

  • Pre-selectable asynchronous motors of IE1, IE2, IE3 & IE4 efficiency class levels
  • Scope expanded to include asynchronous motors from 0.12 kW to 1.000 kW; 2, 4, 6 & 8 pole

- Updated application calculator – now includes:

  • Pump, Fan, Hydraulic pump, Air-compressor, Cooling-compressor
  • Language updates implemented – now includes:
  • Danish, English, German & French



January 2016


Date protection extended until 1 January 2018.



May 2014


Updated motor and variable speed drive models. New model for permanent magnet motors. Possibility for user-defined load, either as single duty point or complete load profile. Minor corrections. Expiry date: 1 January 2016.




January 2013


Internal corrections allowing the Motor Systems Tool to run in Asian countries.

(tested on Korean Windows)



December 2012


Added better support for US notation in tables used by the program. Decimal separator inside the program is now independent of region.




November 2012


Gear models introduced. First of the standard calculation includes models of worm gears, bevel gears and helical gears.




October 2012


Date protection extended - now 1st January 2014.




September 2011


First release of the Motor Systems Tool. Presentation at EEMODS '11 in Washington D.C. and download at

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