Electric Motor Systems

Electric motors and motor systems in industrial and infrastructure applications with pumps, fans and compressors in buildings are responsible for 45% of the world's total electricity consumption. New and existing technologies offer the potential to reduce the energy demand of motor systems across the global economy by 20% to 30% with short payback periods. The know how to exploit efficiency potentials exists but is not widely applied.

4E's Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) raises worldwide awareness of the efficiency potential of motor systems and provides guidance and tools to exploit this.

EMSA works on specific topics related to motor systems efficiency:

  • International standards
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Energy management systems
  • Energy audits for motor systems
  • Motor Systems Tool
  • Testing.


EMSA works together with SEAD to mutually benefit from the accumulated knowledge of both initiatives.


Watch webinar on targeting and implementing efficiency improvements for motor systems:



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