Event Date Place Link
MOTOR SUMMIT 2018 International 14 - 15 November 2018 Zurich, Switzerland


EMSA at EEMODS'13 (click on title to download conference paper):

Presentation Speaker
Research in Australia and Switzerland on measuring energy efficiency of electric motors and motor+drive combinations Andrew Baghurst
Market transformation program for electric motor systems Conrad U. Brunner
Standard format for IEC standards - learning from motor standards for other electric equipment Conrad U. Brunner
Addressing swimming pool and spa pump energy efficiency in Australia Hugh Falkner
The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal Competition: accelerating market transformation for efficient motors Chad Gallinat
EMSA Policy Guidelines for Efficient Electric Motor Systems Petra Lackner
The Motor Systems Tool - the continued development Sandie B. Nielsen
Implementing efficient electric motor systems and ISO 50001: opportunities for a three-way approach in the Netherlands Maarten van Werkhoven
Program 'Green Deal Efficient Electric Motor Systems' and energy efficiency programs as implementing forces Maarten van Werkhoven
"Easy" program for electric motor systems efficiency in Switzerland Rita Werle


EMSA Swedish Workshop on 9 May 2012 in Stockholm at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology:

Presentation Speaker
KTH research Chandur Sadarangani, KTH
ABB activities and research Robert Chin, ABB
The Swedish programme for improving energy efficiency in industry (PFE)  Thomas Björkman, Swedish Energy Agency
SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition for electric motors Stephen Pantano, CLASP
EMSA activities: Global effort for efficient motor systems Conrad U. Brunner


EMSA at EEMODS'11 (click on title to download conference paper):

Presentation Speaker
Testing Centres Workshop Minutes
EMSA Analysis of Motor Policies around the World Konstantin Kulterer
The Motor Systems Tool. An outcome of Task B of the 4E EMSA project Sandie B. Nielsen
Global effort for efficient motor systems: EMSA Rita Werle
Harmonized Standards for Motors and Systems: Global progress report and outlook Conrad U. Brunner
Testing Centres Network: Interpretative guide for motor testing Sarah Hatch
Incentive program for motor systems efficiency in industry: First experiences from Easy in Switzerland Rita Werle



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